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Our agency services at a glance

Search engine optimization

We optimize your website for users and search engines.

Online marketing

We professionally market your business and website.

Google Adwords

We plan and optimize your Adwords ads and campaigns.

Webdesign / relaunch

We will create a new website for you with store if you wish.

Our customers

"Content is King"

What does „Content in King“ mean for website operators?

This means high quality written texts are indispensable for SEO. Google, Bing and other search engines prefer websites with good content. The search results are mathematically calculated by Google according to relevance and written content and displayed to users sorted.

This results in the order 1-10 on the first page of the results in the search engines – the so-called rankings.

With our own tool CONTENTDEVIL we create optimized SEO texts for your website.

Unser Content Tool

Important for good SEO results

Website technology

Requirements such as technical readability, speed, server, etc. are elementary for good positions in search engines.

Relevant content

The most important part of a website is the content. Search engines like Google value this content more than other elements in the result.

Internal linking

A clear structure of the website as well as the accessibility of pages in maximum 3 clicks for user and search engine is very important.

External link building

External links from other websites are still a good tool to convince search engines of the quality of your own website.

Start optimizing your website now

How we bring you to the tops at Google

Website analysis

We analyze your complete website and create the necessary SEO measures from it.

Keyword analysis

We find the best keywords that promise high customer volume on Google

Landing pages

We create landing pages in your website to be displayed at the front of Google.


We write texts for the landing pages of your website that are optimised for Google.

Ranking tracking

We track and monitor your successes on Google and inform you weekly by email.

Search engine optimisation for mobile devices

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets require an adapted website optimisation. The design must adapt dynamically. Google optimally demands mobile-accelerated pages – pages optimised for readability and speed.

Resposive design

The content automatically adapts to any size from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

Above the Fold

Important information is written in the visible area before the user has to scroll.

Top navigation

All main pages and important theme pages should be directly accessible via the mobile menu.

Google Business

A Google Business listing with the right data will show your website in regional searches.

Google formats

Products, prices, texts and ratings can be displayed directly on Google in the overview.

News feed

Daily info is automatically submitted to Google and other search engines on a daily basis.


Nowadays, creating a website should be quick and cost as little as possible. To achieve this, it is easy to build a website with CMS systems and WordPress in combination with themes.

Attention: Many themes are not yet optimally constructed from the point of view of search engine optimisation and should be rebuilt.

Mobile Search

Many search queries are made via mobile phones or smartphones. Voice input is a modern way to convey the user's intentions. Google reacts differently to these mobile search queries than to the input on the desktop.

Voice input: The user speaks as he thinks. The website must know in advance how the user will formulate his or her wishes.

Content Targeting

Content targeting means that a separate topic page is created for each interesting search query with a high search volume. This is positioned further forward in the structure of the website according to the frequency of use.

Search volume: Search queries are measured in search volume per month. The more precise the search phrase, the more accurate the text can be written.

Office Mallorca

SEO for every budget

Monthly budget

We will be happy to make you a non-binding offer based on your monthly budget. This way, you decide for yourself how much you want to invest in the search engine optimisation of your website. We also take on the creation of customised projects such as Real Estate Mallorca.

Technical optimisation

We bring your website technically up to date. Readability, speed and structure are elementary components.

Optimise usability

We improve the user and click behaviour of your visitors. So they find new products and information quickly and without detours on your website.

Create content

We create the optimised texts for you for suitable search queries. This is used to build targeted topic pages for selected search phrases.

Increase conversion

We optimise your conversion rate. More visitors to your website become new customers, because every unnecessary click halves your profits.

Mobile first

What does "mobile first" mean?

In search engine optimisation, „mobile first“ means that the entire website should be optimised according to the rules of mobile devices. Since more and more users are searching for and accessing websites via mobile phones, Google attaches particular importance to this.

What does "above the fold" mean?

In mobile web design, „above-the-fold“ refers to the content that the user sees in the display when calling up the website without scrolling. Google considers this content to be particularly important. Important keywords and headlines should be placed here in search engine optimisation.

What are "AMP pages"?

AMP pages are pages specially created for the Google Chrome browser. These are optimised for speed and loading time and are therefore displayed preferentially in the search results. Google has a market share of over 85% with the Chrome browser. For this reason, this method of search engine optimisation should not be neglected.

How do we optimise your site for mobile?

First, all the requirements of a mobile version are implemented. This means the interface, usability and speed on smartphones. Then the content is designed in such a way that the important part of the texts is displayed in the upper visible area. The desired SEO keywords are optimised with meaningful headlines.

Our SEO services at a glance

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation involves taking measures to improve the ranking of your website in the Google SERPs. The most important methods with which we can make your website visible to potential customers in the search engines are the areas of offpage optimisation and onpage optimisation.

Online marketing

Our SEO agency has a lot of experience in online marketing and we know exactly what is important for our clients. Together we develop comprehensive marketing strategies. For this, we not only use optimisation in the search engines, but also marketing measures in social networks and various classic advertising methods.

Google Adwords

SEA refers to paid advertising with Google AdWords. An individual online campaign should reach your target groups with well thought-out online ads. Thanks to our specially developed click price optimisation, we can achieve an optimum of clicks for your budget with low click prices.

Web design / relaunch

As web designers, we create a layout exactly according to your wishes. You decide how the website should look one day. Subsequently, the basic structure of the now created website is expanded by graphic design, which also includes SEO aspects. Together, these measures form a complete and successful website.

Keyword analyses

Keyword research and analysis requires a high degree of technical knowledge in dealing with various analysis programmes. As specialists for SEO, we define the most effective keywords for your websites with our keyword analyses. Keyword analysis is the first and most important step in SEO campaign planning.

Text creation

A successful website needs, above all, good texts. This is important for two reasons. Website visitors reward interesting content by staying on the website for a long time and coming back. Secondly, your web pages are ranked higher by search engines, which in turn brings more visitors to your website.

Landing page creation

We take over the design and content of landing pages for you. So-called landing pages are pages on which many users "land" through Google search alone. These sub-pages are usually not accessible via the Home navigation. The pages deal with specific topics and lead the Google customer directly to the content of your website that they are looking for.

Shop creation

As experts for online shops, we are the ideal contact for planning, creating, programming and designing your new online shop. We build a successful online shop for you. In the design, we are guided by your individual wishes. We will be happy to make you an individual offer for your future online shop.

PHP programming

As an experienced PHP programmer, we can extend an existing system or implement a completely new application for you. We are happy to support you throughout the entire project, from conception and development to the launch of your web project. We programme individual websites, CMS extensions, plugins, templates, web-based tools and online shops.

Facebook / Instagram Marketing

Why should you invest in Facebook Marketing! With 2 billion monthly active users, you can use Facebook as an effective advertising platform. You don't need a huge budget to start with the first ads. We design Facebook advertising campaigns for you with a defined target group. As a target, we can generate leads or drive traffic to your website.

20 years of experience in the team

Our SEO agency has been successfully working in the market for national and international companies since 1999. Big brands like Academic Work, BMW car dealerships, C-Date, as well as regional companies like Felizhair, Sunlight Yachts or Calapihomes trust in our services.